Technical Information


Loobman is a simple but very effective 'dosing' system. When you press the button (or squeeze the bottle) it puts about 1 to 2ml of oil into the delivery tube and that's it, job done! Then you just ride off.

As you ride, this small 'dose' of oil runs down the delivery tube into the special DSD unit and out onto both sides of the rotating sprocket. From there it is thrown onto all the rollers and o-rings of the moving chain itself. And because the parts are moving they all receive their share of the oil.

To prevent dripping after a short ride we recommend the bottle is located just above the sprocket near the rear footrest hanger so that the oil runs out quickly. A longer tube will mean a longer 'delivery time' and a long delivery time means the tube may still drip after a short spin.

Higher mileage riders tend to prefer such long delivery times so the unit comes complete with enough delivery tube to mount the bottle right up on your handlebars if you prefer.

But when the oil runs out... That's it! No more oil. It's as simple as that!

Next question is usually 'So do I have to keep squeezing the bottle to keep my chain oiled'? And the answer is, surprisingly, no! If you continually apply oil to your chain, most of it will end up on your back wheel and that's not such a good idea.

Once the chain is oiled it will remain oiled for a surprisingly long time.

If you need more convincing, try this; Apply 10-40 engine oil to your chain from a squirt can or with a brush, then go out for a nice long spin to see for yourself how well it lasts. If you have not used oil before, you may well be surprised.

Now bear in mind that, with the Loobman chainoiler fitted, the next application of oil is only going to take you a couple of seconds. So you could be doing it at the next traffic lights!